Midnight City Review

Author: Nyla K Synopsis (From Goodreads): On the outside, Tessa Woodrow is your ordinary, beautiful, professional working young woman in New York City. Unfortunately, Tessa also has secrets, and hers happen to be much more complicated than she would ever let on to the outside observer. Andrew James, on the other hand, has very few… Continue reading Midnight City Review

Bookish Habits: Sound or Silence?

Hey guys, so I've been thinking of doing a little series of blog posts featuring habits we have whilst reading. This one focusing on whether you prefer sound or silence when you read πŸ˜„ It'll be a short post today, but please feel free to comment on what you prefer- I love reading everyone's thoughts… Continue reading Bookish Habits: Sound or Silence?

Hi There!

Thanks for clicking onto my first ever blog post! I'm thrilled! This is me ☝️and my sister's guinea pig, Toffle. It's probably the only semi-decent photo I have of myself... I'm not one for selfies, so don't worry, you won't have to look at my fave much! πŸ˜‚ As you can guess, I'm new to… Continue reading Hi There!